Lady Gaga ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Last nights dream~

I was in an airplane with a large group of people surrounding me. Beside me was Lady Gaga, apparently I had won a contest to go on tour with her. Her hair was curly but, short and stuck straight out from the sides of her head. Her face had TONS of make up on and her eyes and eyebrows were encircled by golden lines. She was telling me her make-up artist, who was in front of us turned around, was the best and she could not go on the road without him. He was a chubby guy, with curly brown hair down to his shoulders. Kinda looked like the big due from LOST. His beard was expertisely manicured and designed.

Moments later we were walking down a side-walk with her entire crew. We were heading into a two-storied brown brick building where she was going to perform. When we entered I realized it was a school.  The floors were all white and the lighting was horrible. Lady Gaga was wearing a skin-tight blue, shiny outfit with red underpants on the outside which tied at either side. A girl in the hallway gave her a nasty look and in a huff walked away. Ignoring her everyone walked down the hallway and entered a room where she was to get ready. The room was a buzz with all her crew doing this and that. Staying out of the way I hung out in the hallway thinking it was very strange she was going to perform in a school. In a flurry everyone started coming out of the room. The make-up guy grabbed my arm and we walked to the front of the group. Looking back I tried to get a glimpse of her through the crowd but I could not see her.

What are your Lady Gaga dreams?


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