Jean Smart and Savannah Paige Rae ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Jean Smart & Savannah Paige Rae

I was in a strange kitchen with my husband and Jean Smart from Desinging Women. Jean was my husbands ex-wife, but we all got along so it was not strange that she was there with us. She was telling me about one of her ex’s and describing how he used to hit her. She then told me a story about one time when the cops came over after they had been fighting and in this fight she had been the victor for she had slugged him a good one. The cop asked her how she learned to hit like that and she said from all those years of him hitting me I had to pick up some moves. It gave them both a good laugh.

After talking with her I went to the stove to prepare some oatmeal. I usually use the microwave to make oatmeal so using the stove was a new experience. I kept filling the pan up with water and my oatmeal strangely kept disappearing. Finally after several attempts I gave up and made it with the microwave. A little girl ran up to me. It was Savannah Paige Rae from the TV show Parenthood on NBC. She told me she would like some oatmeal as well. So I gave her the bowl I had made and asked her if she wanted cinnamon. She did, so I poured some into her bowl. I asked her if she wanted apples or blueberries, she didn’t. I asked her if she wanted brown sugar, she did. Walking over to the cabinet I got out the brown sugar for her. When I went to where she was sitting she had poured a bunch of uncooked oatmeal into her bowl and told me she liked it that way. Shrugging my shoulders I gave her a spoon to let her pour her own brown sugar on.

~Celebrity Dreams~

What are your celebrity dreams?


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