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Taken by Pulitzer Prize Winner Jerry Gay


Lara Adrienne Dunning currently lives on Fidalgo Island in the Pacific Northwest where she devotes her time to her family, her work as a Project and Administrative Manager for GEMS, LLC and her passion for writing. Lara grew up in the Mid-West and spent her childhood and teen years writing short stories and poetry. As a young adult she moved to Alaska where she lived for three years on a small island on the Aleutian chain and seven years in Anchorage. In Anchorage she earned her BA in Anthropology at the University of Alaska Anchorage as well as delving into photography and journalism. Lara continued her studies in the Indigenous Studies Graduate Program at SUNY Buffalo.

Lara interests are children’s picture books, fantasy and fiction. After living near the ocean for over over half her life she often finds inspiration and ideas from the intercostal areas, people and creatures either mythical or real. Currently she is working on a fantasy book about Selkies. Selkie’s are creatures that are able to shift from human to seal form. Selkie folklore is deeply rooted in Irish and Scottish mythology, something that Lara feels connected to as part of her lineage is traced back to these countries. Lara is currently seeking an agent.

Stories, Blogs & More

StoriesOllie’s Nightly Adventures, Bath Time

As a child did you ever wonder if your toys became real at night? Did you imagine what kind of adventures they would have if they did? The answer is found in Ollie’s Nightly Adventure, Bath Time.

Ollie is an inquisitive and fun loving magical stuffed monkey who becomes real each night. During the day Ollie discovers that the human world is full of wonderful surprises and that his loveable owner, Luke, has taught him many useful and fun things. He is captivated by the rituals of the human world and why shouldn’t he be? Isn’t it fun to have bath time and play in the water? Isn’t it fun to put shampoo in your hair and make funny shapes? Isn’t it great to prove you can do some things on your own? Each night Ollie awakes with a sense of excitement and curiosity and wants to do exactly what Luke can do. Ollie uses memory and play to complete his nightly adventure which at some point is discovered by Pickles the mischievous family cat. Ollie always ends his adventures with a sense of accomplishment, pride and love.

This picture book is approximately 1010 words and is intended for 5-8 year olds.  

The Vanishing Island  

The Vanishing Island is a fantasy novel. Wei Shu, a vengeful Chinese Emperor, flees for his life to the Mongolian Plains. Leaving his safe refuge he embarks on a journey to lift a curse off a magical vanished island. Spurred by a longing for adventure and recent raids on her clan, Aine, the daughter of a Selkie chief, travels half way around the world risking her soul to marry a man she has never met and bring peace to her people once more. Worlds collide and lives intertwine as they overcome obstacles that seal their fate and ultimately fulfill a prophecy of peace and destruction.

In Progress 

Lost Skin

Finn awakes on a beach in Ireland traumatized by horrific wounds. Unable to move he realizes he is abandoned and alone until the Nelson’s rescue him. To everyone in the hospital Finn appears to be an ordinary fifteen year old boy but, he has a past he cannot remember and a destiny he was supposed to fulfill.
    Haunted by the man who attacked him he decides to live with the Nelson’s on their farm in Indiana risking any chance of finding his true family. There he does all the things ordinary boys he age do. He attends school, he makes friends, he joins the swim team, he helps around the farm and meets the girl of his dreams. Slowly Finn realizes he posses certain gifts which create resentment and jealously amoung his classmates and cause the farm animals to react strangely. One day at the beach tensions are high and conflicts erupt leading to a tragic accident. Finn risks his life and exposing his gifts to save a fellow classmate and soon fists are replaced with smiles.
    Just when life, love and school are beginning to go good he receives a frantic phone call from his real mother. She is desperate to tell him who he is but, can only tell him in person. Traveling halfway around the world he learns he is the son of a Selkie King who had his skin and memories ripped away from him. Faced with his true identity, Finn has to decide whether to return to the Selkie kin he does not remember or return to the family that needs him and the girl he loves.


Lara Dunning

Celebrity Dreams


Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association
    Attended July 2010 Conference

Whidbey Island Writer’s Association

    2010 Saturday Workshop Series

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GEMS, LLC Pier Project

National Center for Supercomputing

#1 Art Gallery

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