Tom Hanks ~ Celebrity Dream

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Tom Hanks

     I was with my dad and stepmom at our old house in Illinois in the kitchen putting away dishes. We were talking about where we should go for dinner. Deciding on a place we headed out the front door to the restaurant. When we got there we had to wait a little bit at the hostess stand while the staff arranged a table large enough for our group. As we were waiting a couple came up to stand behind us. Turning around I noticed it was Tom Hanks, his wife Rita Wilson, and their son Collin Hanks.

     We instantly greeted each other and began talking as if we were old friends. After a bit I asked if they would like to join us at our table. My husband was standing behind them shaking his head and mouthing the word no, but they had already promptly said yes. I did not want to take back my offer so I turned around and told the hostess to change our table to 16. Not sure who the rest of the people were?


Tom Hanks Rita Wilson Collin Hanks  ~ Celebrity Dream

What are your celebrity dreams?


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Gwyneth Paltrow ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Gwyneth Paltrow

I was working at a hotel restaurant. The place was empty, no customers, nothing. I took my shoes off and put them on top of a laundry machine in the laundry room. I walked around checking the tables. Making sure the sugars, salts and peppers were all arranged the same way. My friend Farah was doing the same on her side of the room. A table walked in and I told her she could have it as I would be clocking out and going home. Then I continued arranging the condiments on my tables. Next time I looked up there were more people sitting down. It looked as if Farah had already taken their orders, but I could not see her anywhere. I figured she had gone to the bar to make her tables drinks.

I could see more people out in the hallway looking at the menu and knew I would not be leaving as I thought. I needed my shoes. Rushing to the laundry room I looked on top of the machine. They were gone. I looked everywhere. I decided I’d better look at our server locker area. When I went inside Gwyneth Paltrow was there with a whole bunch of her friends. She was telling everyone thank you for supporting her for her “Country Strong” song and wishing her a happy birthday. I stood for a moment thinking it was kind of strange she was back in our area. There was lots of nicer places to be. As she continued to talk I dug through the closets pulling out all sorts of shoes, none of which were mine. I rushed back over the laundry room to give it another look. Nothing. The restaurant was now packed and customers were looking around for their server. They did not look happy. I knew my shoes had to be somewhere and ran back over to the server area.

This time Gwyneth was now sitting down in those uncomfortable metal chairs with padded seats. She had a few friends near her. Looking at me I told her she sounded really good at the Country Music Awards. She thanked me. I then told her I had a country song I had written, but could not finish the last verse and I’d love for her to look at it and get her feedback. She said she didn’t really do that type of thing, but she would this time.

The whole time she was talking I was pushing coats aside and pulling shoes out. I had to find my shoes. I could not work barefoot. Finally I found them! Slipping them on I headed out to the restaurant thinking ‘I thought I’d already quit, this job why am I still working?’

Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrity Dream

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