Billy Idol ~ Celbrity Dreams ~ Rock the Cradle of Love

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Billy Idol

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Billy Idol

This must have been inspired by the recent Billy Idol concert I went to ….where he rocked!

It was the afternoon and Billy Idol was warming up for his concert at the Tulalip Casino Amphitheatre. The theatre is outdoor and seats about 2,200 people, just the right size. The weather was sunny and warm. I was sitting in the back at a very long and skinny bar table watching Billy perform with a couple of my friends  sitting across and behind me.  He was prancing around the stage singing Rock the Cradle of Love and  jumped down to walk through the empty seats hyping himself up for the upcoming concert.  He wore black pants, with suspenders hanging down and an open long sleeve shirt leaving his muscular chest bare. His hair was his signature short and spikey and his eyes were heavy with black eye liner. When he finished up the song he walked over to our table. My friends and I were extremely excited as he approached and he immediately struck up a conversation with us. They only problem was it was all in French. None of us knew French and apparently that was all Billy knew too. After he realized we could not understand him he walked off leaving us to laugh at the oddity of the situation.

What is your Billy Idol dream?


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Colin Firth ~ Mr. Darcy ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Prelude ~ Being a Colin Firth fan I watched A Single Man last night. 

Unfortunately a short dream. 

The upstairs hallway in my house has a nook that is slightly rounded and over looks the main area of the house. Currently this is a small reading area with books  a rocking chair and small table. 

In my dream Colin and I were sitting in the nook area propped up on big pinkish white pillows (kind of like the ones in the movie) watching A Single Man on a television on. There was no interaction between us but the atmosphere was very relaxed. It felt as if we were old friends and he wanted my opinion of his movie.

What are your Colin Firth dreams?

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