Jean Smart and Savannah Paige Rae ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Jean Smart & Savannah Paige Rae

I was in a strange kitchen with my husband and Jean Smart from Desinging Women. Jean was my husbands ex-wife, but we all got along so it was not strange that she was there with us. She was telling me about one of her ex’s and describing how he used to hit her. She then told me a story about one time when the cops came over after they had been fighting and in this fight she had been the victor for she had slugged him a good one. The cop asked her how she learned to hit like that and she said from all those years of him hitting me I had to pick up some moves. It gave them both a good laugh.

After talking with her I went to the stove to prepare some oatmeal. I usually use the microwave to make oatmeal so using the stove was a new experience. I kept filling the pan up with water and my oatmeal strangely kept disappearing. Finally after several attempts I gave up and made it with the microwave. A little girl ran up to me. It was Savannah Paige Rae from the TV show Parenthood on NBC. She told me she would like some oatmeal as well. So I gave her the bowl I had made and asked her if she wanted cinnamon. She did, so I poured some into her bowl. I asked her if she wanted apples or blueberries, she didn’t. I asked her if she wanted brown sugar, she did. Walking over to the cabinet I got out the brown sugar for her. When I went to where she was sitting she had poured a bunch of uncooked oatmeal into her bowl and told me she liked it that way. Shrugging my shoulders I gave her a spoon to let her pour her own brown sugar on.

~Celebrity Dreams~

What are your celebrity dreams?


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Gwyneth Paltrow ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Gwyneth Paltrow

I was working at a hotel restaurant. The place was empty, no customers, nothing. I took my shoes off and put them on top of a laundry machine in the laundry room. I walked around checking the tables. Making sure the sugars, salts and peppers were all arranged the same way. My friend Farah was doing the same on her side of the room. A table walked in and I told her she could have it as I would be clocking out and going home. Then I continued arranging the condiments on my tables. Next time I looked up there were more people sitting down. It looked as if Farah had already taken their orders, but I could not see her anywhere. I figured she had gone to the bar to make her tables drinks.

I could see more people out in the hallway looking at the menu and knew I would not be leaving as I thought. I needed my shoes. Rushing to the laundry room I looked on top of the machine. They were gone. I looked everywhere. I decided I’d better look at our server locker area. When I went inside Gwyneth Paltrow was there with a whole bunch of her friends. She was telling everyone thank you for supporting her for her “Country Strong” song and wishing her a happy birthday. I stood for a moment thinking it was kind of strange she was back in our area. There was lots of nicer places to be. As she continued to talk I dug through the closets pulling out all sorts of shoes, none of which were mine. I rushed back over the laundry room to give it another look. Nothing. The restaurant was now packed and customers were looking around for their server. They did not look happy. I knew my shoes had to be somewhere and ran back over to the server area.

This time Gwyneth was now sitting down in those uncomfortable metal chairs with padded seats. She had a few friends near her. Looking at me I told her she sounded really good at the Country Music Awards. She thanked me. I then told her I had a country song I had written, but could not finish the last verse and I’d love for her to look at it and get her feedback. She said she didn’t really do that type of thing, but she would this time.

The whole time she was talking I was pushing coats aside and pulling shoes out. I had to find my shoes. I could not work barefoot. Finally I found them! Slipping them on I headed out to the restaurant thinking ‘I thought I’d already quit, this job why am I still working?’

Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrity Dream

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Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert ~ Celebrity Dreams

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It has been a long time since my last celebrity dream. I think watching and writing about The Vampire Diaries most likely inspired this next dream.
I was watching Stefan and Elena walk through the streets of Mystic Falls. Walking along on the sidewalk they passed cars and large green trees. Then out of nowhere a man ran towards Stefan and grabbed his arm biting down on it. Elena shrieked ‘It’s a werewolf!’ Worried Stefan looked down at the man whose teeth were sunk deep into his vampire flesh. Seconds later blood gushed out of the werewolf’s mouth and his head deflated like a balloon.
All was well, except for the werewolf.
Celebrity Dreams ~  The Vampire Diaries

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Tell Me What are Your Celebrity Dreams?

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Celebrity Dreams  In today’s world celebrities are always on the peripheral vision. Since I was a kid, watching movies, tv, commercials, magazines, you name it there was a celebrity on it. It was then in my pre-teen hood that the Celebrity Dreams officially infiltrated my nocturnal hours.   

What Are Your Celebrity Dreams?  

Over the past ten days I have had lots of dreams just none about celebrities. I know I’m not the only one out there who has celebrities drift in and out of their dreams. I want to hear yours, what are your celebrity dreams?  

Disclaimer: Please note these are dreams and in no way real events that actually happened. Oh also…believe me I’ve done more than hold hands with the celebrities in my dreams. If you make a post please refrain from explicit sexual details.  

Don’t be shy! I would love to hear your celebrity dreams!

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Taylor Swift ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Taylor Swift 

Two part dream~ 

I was at a coffee shop with Taylor Swift.  We were sitting at a small wooden table with coffee mugs filled with warm goodness. Old letters that had been tenderly kept for years were spread out on the table. She was going through each one picking out sentences and words and reading them off to me. The letters were her grandmother’s love letters from a man she desperately loved but could not be with. Her grandmother had asked her to write a song about them. Taylor was intrigued by the idea but a little daunted. She wanted to incorporate some of the exact phrases into her song to enhance the meaning for her grandmother. 

Next part~ Observer Only 

The era was the Gold Rush rush in a town near the water. Taylor and her family lived in a row of houses that faced the water. In front of the houses were  the city docks, but they were empty. Taylor’s brothers and mother were out playing in snow along the docks throwing snowballs at each other, generally having fun. Taylor was horribly sick. She was lying in her bed near her window listening to them playing. I could sense she longed to be out there. 

Next I was looking down at Taylor in her room. The room was small, it looked as if she shared it with her siblings. Her tiny shape was under lots of blankets trying to keep warm. She was tossing and turning in her bed as if something was tormenting her. It was then I noticed a menacing presence in the room. It barely had a shape but I could see a distorted ball hovering over her. Feeling my presence it fled the room floating down the stairs and headed towards her family. Following it I could hear Taylor crying out to her family that it was coming and it was going to hurt them. 

What are your Taylor Swift dreams?

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Colin Firth ~ Mr. Darcy ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Prelude ~ Being a Colin Firth fan I watched A Single Man last night. 

Unfortunately a short dream. 

The upstairs hallway in my house has a nook that is slightly rounded and over looks the main area of the house. Currently this is a small reading area with books  a rocking chair and small table. 

In my dream Colin and I were sitting in the nook area propped up on big pinkish white pillows (kind of like the ones in the movie) watching A Single Man on a television on. There was no interaction between us but the atmosphere was very relaxed. It felt as if we were old friends and he wanted my opinion of his movie.

What are your Colin Firth dreams?

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