Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert ~ Celebrity Dreams

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It has been a long time since my last celebrity dream. I think watching and writing about The Vampire Diaries most likely inspired this next dream.
I was watching Stefan and Elena walk through the streets of Mystic Falls. Walking along on the sidewalk they passed cars and large green trees. Then out of nowhere a man ran towards Stefan and grabbed his arm biting down on it. Elena shrieked ‘It’s a werewolf!’ Worried Stefan looked down at the man whose teeth were sunk deep into his vampire flesh. Seconds later blood gushed out of the werewolf’s mouth and his head deflated like a balloon.
All was well, except for the werewolf.
Celebrity Dreams ~  The Vampire Diaries

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Taylor Swift ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Taylor Swift at the premiere for Hannah Montan...

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Taylor Swift 

Two part dream~ 

I was at a coffee shop with Taylor Swift.  We were sitting at a small wooden table with coffee mugs filled with warm goodness. Old letters that had been tenderly kept for years were spread out on the table. She was going through each one picking out sentences and words and reading them off to me. The letters were her grandmother’s love letters from a man she desperately loved but could not be with. Her grandmother had asked her to write a song about them. Taylor was intrigued by the idea but a little daunted. She wanted to incorporate some of the exact phrases into her song to enhance the meaning for her grandmother. 

Next part~ Observer Only 

The era was the Gold Rush rush in a town near the water. Taylor and her family lived in a row of houses that faced the water. In front of the houses were  the city docks, but they were empty. Taylor’s brothers and mother were out playing in snow along the docks throwing snowballs at each other, generally having fun. Taylor was horribly sick. She was lying in her bed near her window listening to them playing. I could sense she longed to be out there. 

Next I was looking down at Taylor in her room. The room was small, it looked as if she shared it with her siblings. Her tiny shape was under lots of blankets trying to keep warm. She was tossing and turning in her bed as if something was tormenting her. It was then I noticed a menacing presence in the room. It barely had a shape but I could see a distorted ball hovering over her. Feeling my presence it fled the room floating down the stairs and headed towards her family. Following it I could hear Taylor crying out to her family that it was coming and it was going to hurt them. 

What are your Taylor Swift dreams?

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Billy Idol ~ Celbrity Dreams ~ Rock the Cradle of Love

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Billy Idol

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Billy Idol

This must have been inspired by the recent Billy Idol concert I went to ….where he rocked!

It was the afternoon and Billy Idol was warming up for his concert at the Tulalip Casino Amphitheatre. The theatre is outdoor and seats about 2,200 people, just the right size. The weather was sunny and warm. I was sitting in the back at a very long and skinny bar table watching Billy perform with a couple of my friends  sitting across and behind me.  He was prancing around the stage singing Rock the Cradle of Love and  jumped down to walk through the empty seats hyping himself up for the upcoming concert.  He wore black pants, with suspenders hanging down and an open long sleeve shirt leaving his muscular chest bare. His hair was his signature short and spikey and his eyes were heavy with black eye liner. When he finished up the song he walked over to our table. My friends and I were extremely excited as he approached and he immediately struck up a conversation with us. They only problem was it was all in French. None of us knew French and apparently that was all Billy knew too. After he realized we could not understand him he walked off leaving us to laugh at the oddity of the situation.

What is your Billy Idol dream?

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Colin Firth ~ Mr. Darcy ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Prelude ~ Being a Colin Firth fan I watched A Single Man last night. 

Unfortunately a short dream. 

The upstairs hallway in my house has a nook that is slightly rounded and over looks the main area of the house. Currently this is a small reading area with books  a rocking chair and small table. 

In my dream Colin and I were sitting in the nook area propped up on big pinkish white pillows (kind of like the ones in the movie) watching A Single Man on a television on. There was no interaction between us but the atmosphere was very relaxed. It felt as if we were old friends and he wanted my opinion of his movie.

What are your Colin Firth dreams?

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Zac Efron ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Zac Efron image from

Never thought I would have a dream about Zac Efron EVER! I never have watched anything with him.

 I was in a subdivision with my friend who was getting ready to go out. I wanted to go as well and we all piled into a large bronco type vehicle. We were in the back seat with her parents  in the front, although they looked nothing like her real parents. As we moved down the road we weaved thought the streets and houses which barely had any landscaping just grass. A short time later we stopped and I asked my friend where we were.  She told me we were in Oregon, which was way far away from where we started, although it only took us a few minutes to get there. I aksed her why she didn’t tell me as I did not bring any extra clothes with me and I couldn’t wear the same clothes for the next few days. This did not phase her and she acted like I should have known. Then suddenly Zac Efron was sitting in between my and my friend and he was supposed to be my cousin.

We stopped at a white house in a cul-de-sac and got out. Zac was upset and started walking down the street crying. Being my cousin I walked with him and put my arm around his shoulders to comfort him. He told me he was upset his girlfriends parents did not like him and he didn’t know what to do. As I was giving him advise I was looking at his smooth young face and stylish hair. Drawn to his good looks it dawned on me that I thought my cousin was really hot. Then I instantly felt weird and grossed out, then I woke up.

What are your Zac Efron dreams?

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Lady Gaga ~ Celebrity Dreams

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Last nights dream~

I was in an airplane with a large group of people surrounding me. Beside me was Lady Gaga, apparently I had won a contest to go on tour with her. Her hair was curly but, short and stuck straight out from the sides of her head. Her face had TONS of make up on and her eyes and eyebrows were encircled by golden lines. She was telling me her make-up artist, who was in front of us turned around, was the best and she could not go on the road without him. He was a chubby guy, with curly brown hair down to his shoulders. Kinda looked like the big due from LOST. His beard was expertisely manicured and designed.

Moments later we were walking down a side-walk with her entire crew. We were heading into a two-storied brown brick building where she was going to perform. When we entered I realized it was a school.  The floors were all white and the lighting was horrible. Lady Gaga was wearing a skin-tight blue, shiny outfit with red underpants on the outside which tied at either side. A girl in the hallway gave her a nasty look and in a huff walked away. Ignoring her everyone walked down the hallway and entered a room where she was to get ready. The room was a buzz with all her crew doing this and that. Staying out of the way I hung out in the hallway thinking it was very strange she was going to perform in a school. In a flurry everyone started coming out of the room. The make-up guy grabbed my arm and we walked to the front of the group. Looking back I tried to get a glimpse of her through the crowd but I could not see her.

What are your Lady Gaga dreams?

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What are Your Celebrity Dreams ~ Justin Timberlake Dream

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Celebrity Dreams 

In today’s world celebrities are always on the peripheral vision. Since I was a kid, watching movies, tv, commercials, magazines, you name it there was a celebrity on it. It was then in my pre-teen hood that the Celebrity Dreams officially infiltrated my nocturnal hours. 

Justin Timberlake 

One that still makes me laugh to this day happened a few years back and it was about Justin Timberlake. We were walking hand in hand around New York City on a date and chatting blissfully as if all was right with the world. Then the scene changed and we were in aloft apartment that looked out over the park. It was a beautiful day. The loft was spacious and lots of light came through the large windows. I was on the floor looking down at a small child, whom I soon realized, was mine and Justin’s. As we cooed over the infant an ominous knock was heard at the door. Justin went to answer it, his posture was rigid as if he was expecting someone. Placing the child in my arms I watched in horror as his record producer demanded that we give him the child. Justin was angry and adamant he did not and was not going to cave into their demands. The producer was prepared. He pulled out a contract pointed to a line and said, “See this line here. It’s in your contract. We get your first-born.” Then I woke up, nudged my husband up and we had a good laugh about it. 

What Are Your Celebrity Dreams? 

I know I’m not the only one out there who has celebrities drift in and out of their dreams. I want to hear yours, what are your celebrity dreams? 


Disclaimer: Please note these are dreams and in no way real events that actually happened. Oh also…believe me I’ve done more than hold hands with the celebrities in my dreams. If you make a post please refrain from explicit sexual details.

Celebrity Dreams avatar image is via Flickr by Mark Sebastian

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